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Sidney Scott, native Austinite, developed her passion for music at a very young age. With a professional vocalist Mother and professional saxophone and woodwind-playing Father, it didn’t take long for Sidney to become immersed and fall in love with music. Acorn doesn’t fall too far from the tree, they say!


Sidney is a dynamic and versatile singer-songwriter, who specializes in folk and contemporary soul. Sid pours her creative energy and soulfulness into every heartfelt phrase she writes and sings.  Her original songs tell a story that can take you on a journey, yet make you feel right at home at the same time. 


For contact and booking information, please click here.

"Sidney's voice is smoother than whipped cream on top of Jell-O"

"I've had the opportunity to watch Sidney grow from a young girl with a guitar, singing harmony to all that would let her, to a woman who sings with passion and depth way beyond her years. There's no stopping true talent."

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